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Have Fun

Finished Lego car!

Here it is!

isn’t it awesome!

Update 3 Lego car

3rd update

the next time you see this it will be finished!

Spider Webs

On the way into school yesterday, we saw the most beautiful cobwebs on the bushes. This piqued our curiosity and made us ask how and why spiders create their webs and put them at different positions. We took some photos and drew them out. It took some focus to be as detailed as the spiders are.


This afternoon we had a go at quilling. Having not tried it before we were curious what we might achieve. We all had great fun, a bit fiddly but definatly worth perservering with. It is amazing what you can produce with a few strips of paper and a bit of imagination.

Mrs Owens

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I made cookies today by Harry Morris

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Harry Potter Lego

Drawing Harry Potter!

I did an online Harry Potter Drawing lesson. This is my drawing.